Mobile Phones a a health hazard

Topics: Mobile phone, Education, Teacher Pages: 1 (430 words) Published: October 12, 2013
Mobile Phones as a Health Hazard
These days the Technology is increasing so much that we all people are dependent on the machines which many engineers have made. These entire software machines are not always useful in your lives but on the other hand are dangerous and hazardous. The attraction towards all this things can be an addiction which will in future never be removed from our body. The mobile phones is one of the inventions. The students studying in schools are finding this gadget inseparable from them. A few schools are allowing the students to carry their mobile phones with them. I believe that this is not right. While the teachers in the schools are teaching, the students are busy on their phones and not giving attention about what their teacher is teaching. Excess usage of mobile phones can reduce our level of concentration and focus because of which we might not perform well in our exams. As this being a habit can never be given up and I can prove it with an example of my daily routine. I have been noticing this in my school and also in many other places that whenever people have gone on a holiday with their family so as to remove their tension and stress. But they are not able to as the whole time during their vacation also they are busy with their office work, or the regular social networking sites and applications. Vacation is meant to be relaxing with your family and friends instead of being on the screen the whole day. As I had said that mobile phones are sometimes dangerous and hazardous because they emit the radioactive waves which can effect on our brains and also cause us cancer. If we talk on phones two or three hours a day it will cause cancer which can be harmful to our health. But the most dangerous incident that happens because of mobile phones is while driving or crossing a road. As the government had made a rule that we all people are not allowed to talk on the phone while driving but most of the...
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