Mobile Banking Survey Report

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Current Mobile Banking Situation
In today socity, more online consumers and those with mobile phones are using mobile banking. Mobile banking is not only can processing a variety of financial business at any time and anywhere, also enable Banks to provide a convenient, efficient and safe way to clients with traditional and innovative service. However, a large of people are still not using mobile banking. What are their advantages on financial martet. And, what cause them do not use it. These are purpue of this research. Research Design

Problem Description
The purpose of the survey is to provied a clear picture about usage experiences of mobile banking. This will be accomplished through conducting an environmental scan which will provide essential data such as: demographics, life stages and behavior patterns. My research will focus on the percantage of people to use mobile banking and the reason if people use mobile banking. Research Objectives

To understand the market share of user of mobile banking
Discouvering the personal information of users.
Understand the user's perception and potential demand of mobile banking. To find out the usage and behavior of different populations To find out the reason that people do not use mobile bank.

Research Methodology and Data Collection
Sampling Method #1
On-line survey
Online survey during 6/10/2014-6/19/2014. The primary purpose of our survey is to collect demographic information about mobile banking users and also gain valuable information about the users’ preferences. The surveys will contain questions such as: age, gender, personal preference and some other general information of each participant. Other additional information that will be gathered will include using trends and the user behavior. Secondary research

The purpose of I use secondary research is to gather information about the primary bank's user who using mobile banking. I will be gathering the data about the users through the BMO. This data will also help us in defining the users characteristics and behavior. Analysis of Results

The smaple size of the online survey is 40 responses. Responses who are older than 18 years old and have a smart phone. To make sure they can open a bank account and download mobile banking App on their smart phone.

Online survey result
Q1: What is your age?

Q2: What is your gender?

The results of the survey show that the most of people who did the survey is female and under 34 years old. But the difference between the male to female ratio is not big. That means people who are under 34 years old are most interesting on technology products.

Q3: What is the highest level of education you have completed?

The above graph shows that how much proportion which people’s education:  The majority part people are graduating and have graduated About 33% people are 3 years of college
About 30% people are graduated from college
About 22% people are 2 years of college
About 8% people are some graduate school
About 7% people are graduated from high school and 1st year student of college Q4: Do you using mobile banking

From the result of survey I can find that there are about 64% of people using mobile phone and about 36% of people do not use it. While the most popular methods of banking remain in-person or at an ATM, mobile banking, including banking apps, is quickly gaining in popularity. There are two parts of following question. The first part is focus on people who are using mobile banking, and second part questions are about all samples.

Q5: what is purposes for using mobile banking? (Allow more than one answer)

Standard mobile banking services usually include account monitoring capabilities (e.g., checking balances, viewing statements, etc.) and money management features (e.g., transfers between accounts, bill pay, etc.). In comparison, most people use mobile banking to checking their bank statement (73% of...
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