Mlk I Have A Dream Speech Analysis

Pages: 1 (233 words) / Published: Mar 14th, 2016
In the “I have a dream speech” by MLK, he talked about a few big things. The biggest, in my opinion, was black men & women are being oppressed. They were not allowed to vote, they had to go to different building than the whites, & they were treated way worse than the whites. Not only the blacks, but at the time, women were being oppressed too. Women couldn’t vote, & earned much less than the men.
First of all, in the Constitution, it states “We the people”, not we the white men. Everyone deserves their rights, no matter how they look. Black people were being oppressed, as they were not able to vote. They had different buildings to go into, they even had to drink out of different drinking fountains. Everyone is supposed to have to equal rights

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