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MKC1 Sample quiz 1 answers
1. Advertising can break through perceptual screens with all of the following examples except:
A. Closure
B. Subliminal ads
C. Blogs and electronic bulletins
D. Virtual reality
2. The personal determinants of consumer behavior include the:
A. Culture in which a person is raise
B. Individual’s needs and motives
C. Family to which one belongs
D. Society from which one comes
3. To be effective, market segmentation must meet which of the following basic requirements?
A. The firm must avoid focusing on non-variables, such as profitability and volume
B. The market segment must have measurable purchasing power and size
C. The company must expand beyond its marketing capabilities to capture growing markets
D. The market segment must reflect the population’s changing attitudes and lifestyles
4. Porsche’s “There is no substitute” is an example of which of the following positioning strategies?
A. Product class
B. Product users
C. Price/quality
D. Attributes
5. Marketers applying a positioning strategy want to:
A. Make their product look as much as the market leader as possible
B. Emphasize a product’s unique advantages and differentiate it from competitor’s options
C. Make sure they clearly outline the product’s possible applications
D. Talk to specific, know users of the product
6. A positioning map:
A. Is used primarily by companies utilizing undifferentiated marketing strategies
B. Will remain constant through the entire product life cycle
C. Shows how consumers view a product relative to competitive products
D. Outlines how to introduce a new product to the marketplace

7. What describes the relationship between promotion and pricing objectives?
A. Pricing objective maximize promotion
B. Pricing objectives interferes with promotional objectives
C. Pricing objectives and promotion are interdependent
D. Pricing objectives and promotion are interchangeable

8. Which element of the promotional mix covers a wide audience with targeted advertising?
A Personal selling

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