Topics: World War II, Germany, Treaty of Versailles Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: March 26, 2014
 The treaty of Versailles prodused anger in the hearts of Germans, They were greatly punished for the war, and most germans hated that fact and they couldn’t do anything about it for now until ww2. The treaty of Versailles contributed to the war to the World War 2 by greatly weakening Germany through territorial losses. As dhown in document A, the map shows Germany lost an important amount of land. Germany lost territories like polish, corridor and Lorraine part of demark. Germans were greatly upset by the amount of land lost. Another important connection between the treaty of Versailles and the start of World War 2 was the restriction on German military. France, Great Britain, and Italy wanted to make sure Germany would never be a military threat so they decided to greatly limit the German military. Germany was also permitted not to have a military other than the national police. German military was also limited to one hundred thousand men. Another reason that caused World War 2 was that the treaty of Versailles made Germany pay lots of money on damages and reparation. In document three, article 223 states that Germany must pay all the damages done to the allies and their property. Germany didn’t like the facts that they had to pay for all the damages and reparation. Another important reason that the treaty of Versailles contributed to the war was that Germany had to take responsibility for the war. In document D, article231 it states that “Germany accepts the responsibility of Germany and her allies for causing all the loss and damages”. Germany had to take responsibility for causing the war and pay for loss and damages. There are many reasons that caused world war 2 but the most important was the creation of the treaty of Versailles, it was unfair toward the Germans and the Germans grew hate which lead to world war 2.

By: Mohamed ismael
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