Miss Pearson Unit 27 M2

Topics: Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, Serotonin, Antidepressant Pages: 1 (516 words) Published: March 28, 2015
Strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour:

Given the position that Kerri is in I would suggest to her that she has counselling. This may be a challenge depending on how willing Kerri would like to open up and talk about her problems, it may be a struggle however if will be really beneficial for Kerri given her situation. I would like to delve into her lifestyle and she how much she values herself and what gives her the urges to consume alcohol and drugs. I would also like to try and build up her confidence, the counselling process cat be rushed so it would take time for her to explain her situation. Setting targets for Kerri that are essential to be met and see if we can continue the progress. The counselling sessions would take as long as Kerri feels that she needs, counselling will open up many different opportunities for Kerri and may help her find new friends her own age in the local area and will also help her be motivated for school work. The negatives to counselling are her reaction and she may not listen to any advice the counsellor gives her, I would also be monitoring Kerri's behaviour to ensure that the costly sessions are effective to Kerri and people around her.

Many behaviourists believe that looking at ones inner thought and seeing what triggers her illegal outbursts and changing the positives into negatives.


Freud has the opinion that how we act and what we do are mainly effected by our desires and morals. He also believes that our subconscious is hugely effected by the impact of ones Mother and Father and upbringing. He aims to change the ones subconscious. Freud would agree that counselling would be ideal for Kerri as he would believe her actions are a result of her subconscious.

Adopted twins studies have proven the idea of certain behaviour traits are hugely influenced by an individuals genetic code. Genetic psychologists would agree with Freud that counselling is the most beneficial solution to Kerri's situation...
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