Topics: Republic of China, South Korea, Marketing Pages: 3 (766 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Business overview :
focusing on making every effort to develop the excellent health food in order to enhance people's health and conquest diseases. 

Marketing position:
Before 1997, the company was tourist market-oriented, therefore, Rainbow was damaged severely during the Asian Financial Crisis. Rainbow is now in the position of multiple and futuristic management from not only health food industry but also  bio-technology to pharmaceutics and environmental business field.  *

* Marketing strategies :
Rainbow suffered the AFC in 1997 as result 3 stores shut down, they reconstructed the head office and branches and re-launched the new product( Policosanol ). In same year Rainbow got the acquisition on the Exclusive Policosanol sale license in Australia from Cuba which is an manufacturer company, then help Cuba to get GMP Lenience. Shortly later Rainbow gained the Acquisition of Received Exclusive Policosanol sale licenses in Korea & Taiwan and still in the same year Rainbow developing the Japanese marketing. In 1999, Rainbow got the Acquisition of the Rainbow’s Policosanol Product sale license in Australia, then Rainbow contracted with company B to develop Australia market. 2001, Advertising on Australian TV

2001,signed the sales contracts with Shinsaegae Department store(in Korean). 2002,start to developed the market in Taiwan, contract with Niche Care, advertising on TV. 2003, change the Company name to “Rainbow and Nature Pty Ltd” 2004, achieved major development in Taiwan Market,

* 1) Acquisition of the approval to use claims that the raw material of Sugar Cane Wax Alcohols increases HDL and reduces LDL from Taiwanese TGA. 2) Aquisition of the approval that Rainbow’s Policosanol 5mg tablet which is manufactured with Sugar Cane Wax Alcohols increases HDL as well as reduces LDL from Taiwanese TGA. 3) Acquisition of the approval to advertise the efficacy that Rainbow’s Policosanol 10mg tablet which is manufactured with Sugar Cane Wax...
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