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Accidents Due To Machinery
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Trend of fatal Accidents in non -coal Mines
YearFatal Accidents
Accidents due to Machinery in Non – Coal Mines
Year Fatal Accidents Due to Machinery
2006 6225
Causes of fatal Accidents due to Machinery,non coal Mines in 2005 Transport machinery(winding)- nil
Transport machinery(other than winding)
1. Rope haulage – nil
2. Conveyors - 01
3. Dumpers - 11
4. Truck & Tanker - 01

Other Machinery
Drill,Shovel,Crane - nil
Crushing Plant - 2
Tractors, wire-saw machine – nil
Others - nil
One person killed due to entanglement in return roller of running conveyor. Four persons were killed in four different accidents during reversing of dumpers. Two persons were killed in two different accidents due to run over by dumpers. Two persons were killed in two different accidents due to rolling back of dumpers. Continue

One person was killed due to hitting by flying stone from dumper. Two person were killed while a moving truck was uncontrolled and dashed against a tree. Fatal accidents during 2006
Three fatal accidents occurred in three different accident due to falling of dumper from height continue
Four fatal accidents occurred due to run over by tipper.
In one case dumper run over one light vehicle causin two fatalities. One fatal accident occurred due to rolling back of dumpers which hit a mine foreman who died.

One person died due to hitting of reversing dumper.
Two persons died due to rolling back of dumpers.
Truck & Tanker
One accident occurred due to overturning of truck.

One person died due to sliding of loaded truck backward and laoder operator standing behinds was crushed. Two persons died due to run over by a running truck.
A dozer operator was hit by a reversing truck
A person died due to falling of truck.
Other( Wagon)
One accident occurred killing one person due to run over by a moving wagon. One person killed while working with crow bar crow bar entrapped between the locomotive and wagon. Other examples of fatal accidents in dumpers

1. Rolling back of 50 T dumper due to fire in 50 T dumper.
Collapse material handling plant bunker.
Over speeding of dumper engine.
Rolling back of tipper due to propeller shaft failure.
Uncontrolled movement of truck due failure of steering tie rod end. Continue


Conditions Governing the use of Belt Conveyors Underground under Regulation 92 (4) of CMR, 1957


1. The conveyor belt shall be of fire-resistant type

2. (a) The installation shall be properly designed, constructed and suited for the duty it is to perform.

(b) Alloys and metals likely to give incentive sparking shall not be used in the construction of a conveyor installation.

3. Conveyor roads shall be so made and the conveyor so located that the clearances above, below and on both sides of the conveyor are sufficient for persons to carry out installation, proper inspection and maintenance of the belt, structure, rollers, drums and drive, return and tensioning units and for removal of any spillage.

4. Conveyor belt shall not be used if its ends are badly frayed.

(a) When it is torn, badly worn or has bad joints.

5. Anchoring of return structure shall be adequate and independent of the face or roadway supports.

6. (a) At either end of the conveyor installation, all exposed rotating and moving parts forming part of the drive or return or tensioning units shall be kept substantially fenced or guarded so that no person can get caught by the running belt or any moving part.

(b) No person shall or shall be permitted to clean or...
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