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I think managers can improve both efficiency and effectiveness simultaneously. But I think managers should improve the effectiveness first than efficiency if the managers cannot improve both efficiency and effectiveness simultaneously. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness simultaneously is not conflict. Efficiency is getting the most output from the least amount of inputs in order to minimize resource costs, which is called “doing things right”. Effectiveness is completing work to achieve the organizational goals, which is also called “doing the right things”. So if managers want to get the best manage, the managers need to achieve the organizational goals with the minimal input and resources. So managers can improve both efficiency and effectiveness simultaneously. But if the managers cannot improve both efficiency and effectiveness simultaneously, it should improve the effectiveness first, because effectiveness is not only an operating method, but also important management thinking. “Doing the right things” is makes sure that we can achieve the goals on the right way, it is a strategy. But “doing things right” is a tactic which push us to achieve the goals faster and better. “Doing the right things” is a prerequisite before we doing a work. Otherwise, “doing things right” is makes no sense without that prerequisite. So effectiveness is important than efficiency. So managers should improve the effectiveness first, then trying to improve the efficiency if the managers cannot improve both efficiency and effectiveness simultaneously.

I think Toyota’s leaders should respond to the safety situation by the following point: Organizational culture- One of Toyota’s organizational culture is a goal of quality should be taken precedent over a goal of efficiency; thinking about what is the consumer really want and produce the product according to the want of consumer. Because of the wrong effectiveness, lead to the Toyota’s product has safety problem. So Toyota’s leaders should make a self-criticism within the company aim at the safety situation, find the problem, and correct the core about the production concept. It should check the step which they miss or wrong the first time when Toyota recalled the problem cars. Then emphasize the important of organizational culture to the members so that to make sure the organizational goals can be achieved. Social responsibility-Toyota is a very big company that can influence the whole automobile market in the whole world. This safety situation strikes a serious blow at the consumer’s confident and purchasing power of the market. Toyota need to not only recalled the problem cars but also explain to the society. The statement should include apology for a global vehicle recall, the safety situation in the Toyota’s product, the accidents that Toyota drivers have experienced with the problem cars and the effect in the market; the improvement measures about the Toyota’s company etc.

I think some of the Henri Fayol’s management principles still applicable in business practices today with high extent. Although there are something changes, the traditional principle is effect on the modern principle deeply. Division of work-Now, an organization still needs to divide a work into many different departments so that can give full play the specialization so then makes the employees more efficient. But subdivide the work in a department, managers is more emphasizes the team work than individual. Because team work is more efficient than individual work. Authority- Authority is a dominant power that people can be affected and obeys orders. Authority emphasizes the duty, responsibility, right and benefit together. In business practices today, on the premise of the manager ensure their authority, they need to develops their interpersonal role, make a close relationship with their subordinate, so that can get the respect from them. Unity of command- Company...
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