Mgt/230 Decision Making Process

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The first thing I did was my budget to see how much I could afford for a car note. With my luck I remembered receiving a flyer in the mail about a sale coming soon at a car dealership. Once I had my budget figured out, I went to the dealership. Every car offered was not in my budget, if it was in my budget I did not like it. I decided to keep looking elsewhere. Second, I decided it would be a time saver if I shopped online. I searched three places for one particular vehicle that I grew to like. Once I found “the one” I called each dealership to get an estimate of my payments. Once I was told the amount I wanted to hear, I went the following week to purchase my new vehicle. I think my process was incredibly similar to the text because I, for one, identified the problem, which was clear –I needed a new car because the old one would not last long. Then I used a readymade solution, which has proven possible over and over again, which was to check out different places for the best deal. I think that was the best route in this situation because it works excellent for others who I know has tried. Once I figured out different places and did comparisons, I evaluated which place would have the best offer, and decided the car that best met my needs. Then I chose the vehicle by satisficing, which was acceptable, but maybe not the best option. I did the next step to execute my decision and bought the vehicle I wanted and badly needed. Finally I evaluated my decision and decided it was a good one because it was definitely a more reliable vehicle. On the contrary, with all those steps I took to make that decision, had I followed the steps in the text, I may have found a better price or different vehicle. I may have found a better priced or quality car if I shopped around to more places. Furthermore, I may have made a better choice by maximizing my choices to get the best vehicle, rather than what was mostly acceptable
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