Methods of Developing a Paragraph

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Methods of Developing a Paragraph

1. Narration

My New Career
The morning of my big job interview started like any other. I awoke with a good night's sleep under my belt determined and confident in getting a new job as a swamper for Williams Moving and Storage. The night before the interview, I practiced moving the furniture from one end of the house to the other. My roommates thought I was crazy. Arising from bed, I felt stronger, like a rodeo bull waiting to get out of his cage. Sitting at the kitchen table eating my Wheaties, I started looking at the furniture around me in a new light. The hide-a-bed in the living room was a 300 pound finger-eating monster opening and closing snapping at me. Looking out onto the covered patio, the wicker furniture was floating, almost drifting by itself to the front door. Then and there I knew that moving furniture was my calling. Walking to the front door, I gave the hide-a-bed a good stiff kick.

2. Character Sketch

Power in Powerlessness
The late former President Cory Aquino and her son Noynoy, at their Times Street residence in February 2006, heatedly debated her resolve to intercede during the Marine standoff at the Fort Bonifacio. Noynoy, on whose lap fell the responsibility on looking after his mother after his father Ninoy was assassinated, was determined to keep her out of the fray, especially then she was no longer president. Cory, however, remained obstinate as she unequivocally expressed her determination to proceed to Fort Bonifacio. Noynoy vehemently tried to dissuade her, citing grave danger and the volatility of the situation there. Furthermore, he warned that those inside Fort Bonifacio were not exactly friendly forces and those outside were no less hostile than those besieged. But Cory stuck to her guns and declared, “Everything is simple. My duty is to avert bloodshed at all cost. Help me.” Thus, Cory the ex-Commander-in-Chief prevailed upon Noynoy to escort her to Fort Bonifacio. Therre, the combatants seethed with anger. Calmly, Cory wedged herself between the protagonists, pulled out her rosary, and began to pray. Before long, the simmering confrontation was miraculously defused. Cory Aquino, who fearlessly staked her life to effect peaceful change serenely rested on the power of the Almighty, fully realizing her own powerlessness.

3. Process
Building Great Pecs
Having a great looking chest is easier than most people think. It starts with a few simple steps. First, begin with a flat bench press. Start with approximately 60% of your body weight. While lying on your back on the bench, grab the bar firmly with both hands so they line up with the ends of your shoulders. Push the bar up to release it form the holder and extend your arms. Avoid fully locking your arms. Then, bring the bar down slowly until it touches your chest. Push the bar back up at twice the speed it was brought down. Do ten repetitions and then take a two-minute rest. This completes one set. Add more weight if needed and complete three more sets. Within several weeks, your chest muscles will increase dramatically in size and you'll be ready for the beach.

4. Illustration/Example
Plastic People
Today, men and women of all ages undergo surgery to achieve the looks they desire. Cosmetic surgery is so common that to some it is a lifestyle. Some of the most popular procedures are breast implants, liposuction, facelifts, and hair transplants. Because many prefer fuller, bigger breasts, a good number of women from all walks of life undergo the 6 painful and costly procedure of breast implants. Even though the risks are well known, many still take their chances. And what goes better with bigger breasts than a flat abdomen? Liposuction is a quick fix for those who find good diet and exercise ineffective and time consuming. Another popular procedure for both men and women is the surgical facelift. This process promises men and women a younger and...
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