Methamphetamine Assessment on Well-Being

Topics: Methamphetamine, Illegal drug trade, Drug addiction Pages: 15 (5573 words) Published: April 17, 2013
HEALTH AS91461 3.1: Analyze a New Zealand health issue.
Drug use by young people in New Zealand
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TASK 1: Why is the use of methamphetamine a health issue?

Methamphetamine is an illegal Class A drug that is used excessively in New Zealand by young people aged between 15-24years. They use this drug without knowing the implications it has on them, because they are at a vulnerable age. Its effects are those that no other drugs have. It has a more damaging effect on a person than any other drug has. It affects any person’s well-being and drives them into insanity and in worst cases, death. Methamphetamine use is a health issue because it is a highly addictive stimulant drug that a person cannot lose the hold of, once consumed. It is so powerful that it captures the whole body’s organs and eats away at them over a period of time. It ruins a person in so many different ways; it economically drains them, physically; a person will start to look 10-15 years older and become anorexic and begin to appear deadly, their skin will start to dry up and there will be holes everywhere on their bodies from thinking that there are bugs crawling under their skin (scratchies, bugging), therefore they begin to dig at their skin with dangerous tools like tweezers, knifes and needles. This is exposure of sharp instruments to a person’s veins, if a vein is cut through, that is a person dead because of methamphetamine use. This addiction that occurs drives them into consuming large doses of P, which could cause life-threatening conditions, such as renal and liver failure, heart attacks, hemorrhages, strokes and seizures. They consume these large doses because they want to feel that same high that they felt when they first consumed meth. It becomes a very expensive lifestyle with finances running out and young people not having the funds to provide for their basic needs so poverty and health issues increase (number of hospital cases increasing). It damages the love between one another in a family as a young person will begin to do unacceptable activities to buy meth which ruins the healthy relationship they had with their family members before starting to use meth. It is a health issue in the society because if meth is exposed to more and more young people aged between 15 and 24 years, there is a high chance that violence and crime will increase in the society, which will make New Zealand an unsafe community to be in. The prostitution rates increase, which will increase the number of people with STD’s. It leads them to many psychological problems such as schizophrenia, depression, insomnia, psychosis, paranoia, at a very young age, these psychological problems that young people on meth deal with usually push them towards suicidal thoughts. Methamphetamine contributes to a percentage of the suicide rate of young people, in New Zealand. Methamphetamine gives the young person feelings of grandeur during the beginning stages of addiction but as a young person starts to develop these psychological problems, they begin to believe that they are incapable to do anything and drive themselves to their own death. It is known that meth is a contributing factor in teenage pregnancies. Addiction and pregnancy never positively work together, the addiction takes over the pregnant young woman and it will harm or even kill the child in the growing process. The child may die as a fetus or be born with mental/learning disorders. This again is an effect on the young parent consuming meth; it makes their life twice as hard whilst dealing with (or not dealing) their addiction. The lack of education programs in NZ about the affect meth has on people contributes to meth is a health issue. It is because young people are under-educated on the implications it has on them therefore the community is affected overall. Young people have no one to guide them towards assertive thinking and decision making.

TASK 2: Identify at least THREE factors (DoH) influencing...
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