Metamorphic Rock

Topics: Metamorphic rock, Sedimentary rock, Rock Pages: 3 (1054 words) Published: August 10, 2010
Metamorphic Rock
Metamorphism means to change form; this is exactly what metamorphic rocks do. This paper will take a look at the Earth’s rock cycle to examine exactly where the metamorphic rock fits into it. It will also look at how metamorphic rocks are formed and the relationship between metamorphic rocks and igneous rock and sedimentary rocks. This paper will examine the geological characteristics and materials of metamorphic rocks, and examine some examples of metamorphic rocks and will describe mineral composition of some examples and explain its economic uses. The Rock Cycle

The rock cycle helps people to understand the starting point of the igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. In addition to explaining how each of the rocks are connected through the process. The rock cycle explains to us how the Earth assists in changing one type of rock into another type of rock.

The process begins when magma, found from beneath the Earth’s surface or from a volcano, cools and crystallizes. This process forms rocks called igneous rocks. When an igneous rock is exposed to weathering and erosion and compacted by the weight of the groundwater, which is otherwise known as lithification, it creates a sedimentary rock. When sedimentary rocks are buried deep within the Earth and evolve into mountains or are exposed to extreme pressure and intense heat it will then turn into the last cycle of rock, the metamorphic rock. Metamorphic rocks can even evolve from other metamorphic rocks. How Metamorphic Rocks Are Formed Within the Rock Cycle

Metamorphic rocks are created when they are exposed to extreme heat, pressure, and chemicals. Rocks are usually exposed to extreme heat, pressure, and chemicals at the same time. Metamorphism occurs in one of two situations, contact metamorphism or regional metamorphism. Contact metamorphism occurs when a rocks experience a rise in temperature when it is exposed to magma. Heat is the most important source of metamorphism because...

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