Metallic Ions Lab Report

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5.1 Lab Report - Identification of Metallic Ions


PURPOSE: In this lab we are learning how to observe and perform “flame tests”, of alkali and alkaline earth metal ions. We will use basic lab equipment provided in our Labpaq, and follow all safety precautions in this lab. From reading the discussion and review, we understand that the normal configuration of the electrons is called “the ground state”. We understand that they are in stable condition, while at their lowest possible energy level. In this experiment we will be using heat to excite the electrons, they become excited by absorbing the energy from the heat and in this excited state they are quite unstable, these electrons are known to return to their grounded state. As these electrons process back down to a grounded state (lower energy level) they release the absorbed heat energy in a new form, “electromagnetic energy”, some of this light is in the visible light region and we hope to see a variety of colors ranging from Red (low energy) to Violet (high energy). In this experiment we will be heating metallic ions, and by doing this experiment we hope to be able to confirm the identity of an element by the color of light observed.

PROCEDURE: “THE FLAME TEST” It is described as a quick simple technique to help identify a particular metal. We will perform a flame test on several metallic ions and observe their flame color in order to confirm its identity.

First we will place 0.5 mL of each solution in the 24-well plate. I placed the following solutions in the following locations: SOLUTIONWELL PLATE LOCATION
Sodium NitrateNaNO3A1
Strontium Nitrate Sr(NO3)2B1
Potassium Nitrate KNO3C1
Barium NitrateBa(NO3)2A6
Cupric NitrateCu(NO3)2B6
Lithium NitrateLiNO3C6
Calcium NitrateCa(NO3)2D6

I assembled my needed equipment, my burner fuel, my non-plastic middle cotton swabs and my well plate with the...
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