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Topics: Coconut, Banana, Coir Pages: 23 (5152 words) Published: July 14, 2011
Technology IX
Science & Technology Information Center

Master List of Investigatory
Project Titles

01 Investigatory projects

I.Pyrolisis of plastic wastes materials for the production of plywood substitute II.Marang (Artocarpus ordorotissimus) peelings as hardiflex – like III.Ethyl alcohol from ripe banana peelings
IV.Rat killer extract from tuble roots
V.Fuel briquettes from dried banana leaves and waste papers VI.Coconut sheath substitute of abaca fiber
VII.Commercial glue from Talisay resin
VIII.Butter derive from marang (Artocarpus odoratissima) seed IX.Marang seeds as alternative source for commercial flour

02 Investigatory projects

I.Compendium of investigatory studies
II.Basic geological concepts
III.Maps and compass
IV.Rocks and fire
V.Fungus Puccinia graminis as mycoherbicide

03 Investigatory projects

I.Sea cucumber (Cucumaria miniamata) as a potential source of leather II.Fiberglass from Apitong sap (Dipterocarpus grandiflorus) III.Rat killer extract from tuble roots
IV.Tetrodotoxin from bile of puffer (Sphoeroides maculates) as a potential source of stem borer pesticide V.Glue out of cigarette filer and acetone
VI.Roof sealant out of Styrofoam and gasoline
VII.Radical pesticide from garongin
VIII.Chaetomorpha aerea a potential source of biogas

04 Investigatory projects

I.Sawdust as an alternative source for corkboard
II.Woodcraft from banana peduncle
III.Lumber from carabao manure
IV.Herbal leaves produced herbal ointment
V.The wonder of Cobong plant
VI.Cyperus Esculenta
VII.Cassaw-dustenta as decorative
VIII.Newsaw – Casco as Décor
IX.The potential of black plastic bag as heat enhancer for guso solar dryer

05 Investigatory projects

I.Dalupang (Urena lobata) as potential source of commercial fibers II.Styrofoam and powdered oyster shells as tiles
III.Strong fiber to replace abaca
IV.Banana peduncles (Musa paradisiacal) as a potential source of packaging papers V.Methane outputs of vegetable refuse: Banana peelings (Musa sapientum), corn peelings (Zea mays), and Chinese pechay (B. rapapekinensis): A comparative study VI.Custom – built solar oven

VII.The effect of eutrophication on the growth of tilapia
VIII.Sunflower (Helianthus annus) extract as a liquid indicator IX.The absorbent property of water hyacinths (Eichhornia crassipes) in effective removal of lead and mercury from waste water X.Hanga nut extract as kerosene substitute a viable source of fuel XI.Production of germicidal soap from malunggay (Moringa oliefera) roots extract and its comparison with leading brand of soap XII.Preliminary investigation on the utilization of coconut “sepal” as medium for column chromatography XIII.Discarded plastics: A low cost tile

XIV.Pectin model from peels and pulps

06 Investigatory projects

I.Preparation of ointment from hanga nut (Pittosporum resiniferum) extract as muscle pain reliever II.Annona squamosa seed extract: A potential dog soap ingredient for the eradication of ticks and fleas

07 Investigatory projects

I.Coconut fiber reinforced compressed earth blocks
II.Banana peduncle (Musa paradisiacal) as potential source of board III.Flour from corn kernels (Zea maize)
IV.Antibacterial properties of Caulerpa racemosa (Forsskal) J Agardh from Taluksangay, ZC V.Dicoalsolwas hollow blocks
VI.Water heater stove
VII.Costless energy from wastes

08 Investigatory projects

I.The insecticidal potential of Nicotiana tabacum leaves & Chrysanthemus indicum flowers extracts against cockroaches II.Tobalic: A household insecticide
III.American toad (Bufo americanus) skin as leather substitute IV.Lanzones seeds (lansium domesticum correa) as rodenticide V.Strong fiber to replace abaca
VI.Discarded Manganese Dioxide as shoe polish
VII.Fuel Briquettes from Biodegradable Waste
VIII.Tiles Made of Plastic Waste
IX.Mosquito coil made from santol stalks (Sandoricom indicum) & lanzones peelings...
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