Mental Illness

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Mental Illness Paper

August 4, 2012
University of Phoenix

Mental Illness Paper
There are many mental illnesses that individuals suffer from. Bipolar disorders are one of these diseases. There are many individuals that suffer from this disease as well as other illnesses. I have a few friends and loved ones that have been diagnosed with this disease. Bipolar disorder is a very serious mental illness that individuals should take seriously and seek medical treatment to receive medication. In the beginning no one knew much about bipolar disorder as this was not what it was called. Individuals saw this as an illness not a disorder. People with bipolar disorder were often viewed as crazy people. Bipolar disorder was mentioned as far back as the second century. There had been several different scientist started to link together some of the symptoms such as depression and mania. The first scientist went unnoticed. Around the year 1650 the second scientist (Richard Burton) wrote a book on depression, this is still used in the medical field today. (Today's Caregiver, n.d.). Jules Falret was another scientist that made lead with the term bipolar disorder. From then on improves became with the disorder. In 1979 new laws were passed to create and uphold the changes with this change the National Association of Mental Health (NAMI) formed. In 1980 the term bipolar disorder took and replaced the term manic depressive disorder. (Today's Caregiver, n.d.). There are different myths located on different websites. After researching some of them a few myths are that bipolar disorders are rare. There are 5.7 million Americans that are affected by the bipolar disorder according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Other comments that have started rumors are Bipolar disorder is just another name for mood swings. This is also not true. Individuals with bipolar disorder are much more severe and long lasting with mood stings and may affect their working habits or...

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