Men and Women Stereotypes

Topics: Emotion, Psychology, Woman Pages: 3 (1136 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Emotional Manipulation at its Finest
Have you ever felt like everything is always your fault? Like you’re always the person that’s stirring up trouble in your relationship? Women feel this way in particular and it’s because of the men that make us feel this way as well as the pressuring media. I’m sure that most women have heard derogatory comments such as “you’re crazy” or “you’re so dramatic” from husbands, boyfriends, male co-workers, fathers, kids, or even male friends at least once in their lifetime. As the epidemic of women being “crazy”, “sensitive” and “irrational” increases over time, we are seeing that women are being emotionally manipulated by men at an escalating rate. This sort of behaviour is appalling to women everywhere because it is a stereotypical way of treating us. Men and the media should not have the right to make women feel terrible for “overreacting” when they were the ones that caused us to react in the first place. Emotional manipulation is the driving force behind the male population’s egotistical way of viewing life. Having the power to make your wife or girlfriend feel bad for something you did boosts a man’s ego and confirms that they are the powerful spouse within the relationship. Although this stereotype has been around since before anyone can remember, it is important for women to fight back against the idiotic behaviour of men. In order for men and the media to stop emotionally manipulating women, society must stop authorizing this abusive and inconsiderate behaviour in their behalf. The term “gaslighting” comes into effect when situations such as these are observed. Gaslighting, as Yashar Hedayat wrote in his work entitled “A Message to Women from a Man: You are Not “Crazy””, is “a term often used by mental health professionals to describe manipulative behaviour used to confuse people into thinking their reactions are so far off base that they’re crazy”. This is what men do to get themselves out of trouble with...

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