Medusa and Perseus

Topics: Medusa, Polydectes, Perseus Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: November 1, 2013
Once there was a King called Acrisius, he had a daughter called Danae. When she had a baby boy, a wise man told King Acrisius that one day his grandson, who was called Perseus, would kill him. So he sent Danae and her baby out to sea in a vessel. King Acrisius pushed Perseus and Danae into the ocean in a chest. For many days the chest tossed and turned until it finally washed up on the shore of Seriphos where King Polydectes found it. Perseus grew into a strong young man. King Polydectes fell in love with Danae. When King Polydectes asked Danae to marry him she would say, "No, no, no, no, no!" because she wanted to look after her son Perseus. King Polydectes was upset because Danae wouldn't marry him. The king ordered Perseus to go on a mission to find Medussa. He had to cut off Medusa's fearsome head. Medusa was extremely dangerous because if anyone looks at her face they are instantly turned to stone. He met the goddess Athena who gave him a reflective shield and Hermes, a Greek god, who gave Perseus a sickle to cut off Medusa's head Perseus flew quickly away with the evil Medusa's head. As Perseus was coming back with Medusa's head, flying over a beach, he saw a beautiful maiden chained to a rock, she had been left for a hungry monster to eat. He zeroed down to the beach to rescue Andromeda. While she watched, Perseus wrestled with the sea monster to save her. He stabbed the monster in the eye with his sword. Perseus took Andomeda home. Perseus and the others were filled with joy because he had saved the maiden from the sea monster and brought her home. Perseus was a hero after he cut off Medusa's head, He showed the head to King Polydectes who turned to stone.= He took his mother back to her father's kingdom. King Acrisius organised some special 'games' to celebrate her safe return. But, a discus thrown by Perseus killed Acrisius. He died at the arena. No-one blamed Perseus for the King's death. Perseus became the new king. The princess chained to the rock,...
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