medieval romance

Topics: The Most Dangerous Game Pages: 2 (342 words) Published: September 30, 2014
I. Introduction
a. All three stories show moral messages through their themes b. They are similar in that in every story characters get what the want, but not in the way they wanted it. c. All three stories use imagery to show character motive.

d. Though they all differ in the way that each person in each story wants a different thing

II. 1st body paragraph
a. While the stories all end up almost the same they each end for completely different reasons. b. In The “Monkey’s paw” a family is just trying to get money to pay off their house. c. In The “Most Dangerous Game” General Zaroff just wants to feel the excitement of a dangerous hunt. d. Finally in “The Story of an Hour” a 17th century women just wants to be free from her husbands control.

III. 2nd body paragraph
a. All of the stories use lots of in depth imagery to show characters motive for their actions. b. “The Monkey’s Paw” shows imagery when the soldier takes out the paw and tells the story. This impels Mr. White to want to use the monkey’s paw. c. “The Most Dangerous Game” Shows it through General Zaroff telling his story. He descriptively shows how me began to hunt humans, and how he needed to be challenged again. d. “The Story of an Hour” uses loads of imagery to show how Mrs. Mallard came to her realization that she would be better off without her husband controlling her. That is why she is so happy.

IV. 3rd body paragraph
a. All three stories are similar in that they all end the same way. b. The main character gets what he wants, but has to pay the price. c. In “ The Monkey’s Paw” Mr. White get his 200 pounds, but his son dies for it. d. In “The Most Dangerous Game” Zaroff gets the hunt he wanted, but Rainsford kills him. e. Finally in “The Story of an Hour” Mrs. Mallard ends up free, but only because she died.

V. Conclusion
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