Medical Terminology Chapter 10

Topics: Red blood cell, Blood, Bone marrow Pages: 3 (582 words) Published: October 28, 2013
Week 6
Chapter 10
Exercise 10-1, p. 225
Define the following terms:
1. Hyperalbuminemia abnormally high albumin in the blood
2. Hypoproteinemia low protein in the blood
3. Leukocytopenia decrease in white blood cells
4. Erythropoiesis production of red blood cells
5. Toxemia toxins in the blood 
6. Bacteremia bacteria in the blood
7. Thrombocytopenia decrease in platelets
Use the suffix –emia to write words for the following definitions: 8. Presence of pus in the blood pyemia
9. Presence of viruses in the blood viremia
10. Presence of excess white cells in the blood leukemia
Exercise 10-2, p. 226
Identify and define the root in the following words:
RootMeaning of Root
1. Hematologyhematoblood
2. Panmyeloidmyelobone marrow
3. Prothrombinthromboblood clot
4. Preimmunizationimmunoimmunity
5. Ischemiaemiacondition of blood

Fill in the blanks:
6. Hemorrhage is a profuse flow (-rhage) of blood.
7. Myelofibrosis is formation fibrous tissue in bone marrow. 8.Erythroclasis is the breaking (-clasis) ofred blood cells. 9. An immunocyte is a cell active in the immune system. 10. The term thrombocythemia refers to a blood increase in the number

of platelets.
11. Leukopoiesis refers to the production of white blood cells. 12. A hemocytometer is a device for counting blood cells. 13. Lymphokines are chemicals active in immunity that are produced by lymphocytes.

14. A hematoma is a swelling caused by collection of blood.

Write a word for the following definitions:

15. Immature lymphocytelymphoblast
16. Tumor of bone marrowmyeloma
17. Decrease in red blood cellserythropenia
18. Dissolving (-lysis) of a blood clotthrombolysis
19. Formation (poiesis) of bone marrowmyelopoiesis

The suffix –osis added to a root for a type of cell means an increase in that...
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