Media Planning
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Lecture 8: Media Selection

Knowledge of media options

The Media Process

The Media Selection process
Against clear objectives and the specific parameters (Budget, timing , regionality, seasonality etc) we need to go to our “armory of weapons” to determine those most appropriate.

Seven Guidelines of Media Selection 1) objectives and goals will have the most influence on media selection 2) budget plays a major role often precluding first choice media 3) deploying all your funds in a single medium is usually the most efficient way of spending your funds 4) secondary and tertiary media should be chosen with a specific task in mind 5) the way in which different media link should be clearly thought through 6) the media options should form part of a broader communication mix and link with other activity. 7) If your selection of media is the same as the competition you must look to stand out through the way you use those media.

Which media will play a major role? Which is a support role?
How do the selected media dovetail and work together?
And what is the weighting between them?
The strengths and weaknesses of each medium need to be thoroughly evaluated.

Advertising Media * Broadcast Media * Print Media * Support Media

Pay Television * Federal Government approved the introduction of pay TV from 1st October 1992 * 2004- Approximaely 1.6 million subscribers * 23% penetration of Pay TV in Australia

Digital Television * Launched Jan 1st 2001 * Offers superior reception * High quality picture…approaching 23mm film, cd quality sound * Intelligent receivers…means interactivity, internet access “video on demand” * Multi-layered programming and ads * Programme enhancements.. * Multiple camera angles/player profiles


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