Media Influences Violence

Topics: Violence, Domestic violence, Crime Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Media Influences Violence
The advancement and introduction of technology has provided us with many valuable tools and resources; however, it also has the capability of negatively influencing our younger generations. Although media can offer a broad array of opportunities for teaching and learning, there are equally as many media entertainment focused on violence and inappropriate behaviors. Children are easily influenced in today's society through what they see and hear, making video games, television programs, movies, and music a prime resource for how they are influenced.”Gore for Sale”, argues the same beliefs of media contributing to the violence in the U.S.

To start, children are little learning machines. They are constantly absorbing and internalizing what they are told, what they are taught, but most especially they model what they see adults doing. If adults are violent, then that becomes the norm for the child. If the child sees violence in movies or on television, that is what is their norm and that is what they will mimic. If just watching others perform violent acts on television or in the movies causes children to act out what they see, how much stronger is their likelihood of acting out violently when they are taking part in the violence. Yes, television in moderation can be beneficial. Preschoolers can learn the alphabet on television, grade schoolers can gain knowledge about wildlife on nature shows, and current events on the evening news allow parents and guardians to be updated. (Dowshen 1) For obvious reasons, movies and television programs can be a great educator and entertainer. But in spite of its advantages, a high amount of violence on television and movies can be destructive. Fearing the world and also showing signs of aggressive behavior come from children who view violent acts. Secondly, violent video games allow and encourage children to act violently. The person who "wins" in a violence oriented video game is the one who...
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