Mean Creek- Important Idea

Topics: Innocence Pages: 3 (1057 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Explain an important idea in a text you have studied. Explain why you found it interesting. Discuss visual and verbal techniques in your answer.

In the film Mean Creek directed by Jacob Aaron Estes, the important idea of loss of innocence is very interesting as it tells the story and shows us how quickly things can change. The director shows us this through the way the characters change during the burial of George, the word “snap” written in a tree and the guilt felt by Millie and Sam.

Firstly I found the important idea of loss of innocence interesting during the burial of George as this is when they lose their innocence. When they decide to bury Georges body the character all lose what innocence they had left. This is shown as everyone help besides Millie who doesn’t want to have a part in it. At this moment the director uses a combination of dark lighting and close up shots of Millie’s partially hidden face in the shadows of the trees to show how dark and lost Millie has become since the death of George. She is hiding from the truth and wants to act like nothing is going to change. The director also uses a slow sad chelo during this scene as lament like, it is a metaphor for the death of Millie’s and everyone else’s innocence. Millie is already starting to feel guilty as she earlier in the film stated “go ahead Clyde start the game”. This shows she does not feel innocent at all but does not want to admit it. When Millie is by herself instead of helping with the burial a foley effect is used as she stabs a snail followed by sudden silence. This was Millie’s was to let at all her frustration and anger on the events that have occurred and her own actions which contributed in Georges death. This scene helps makes the important idea interesting as it is the moment when they all lose their innocence.

Secondly I found the important idea interesting through the way Millie carved the word “snap” into a tree. At the start of the film when Millie and Sam are...
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