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Introduction to business_MGT21_MCQs

1) Which of the following business type has longest life time? 1. Sole proprietorship
2. Partnership
3. Joint stock company
4. All of the given options

2) Election of the Board of Directors is done by Shareholders. 1. Through special resolution
2. In annual general meeting
3. In Special meeting
4. In statuary meeting

3) Which of the following business type, has to pay double taxes to the government? 1. Sole proprietorship
2. Partnership
3. Joint stock company
4. Cooperative Societies

4) ___________ includes the rules and regulations, necessary to manage the internal affairs of the company. 1. Memorandum of Association
2. Article of Association
3. Prospectus
4. All of the given option

5) General information like Appointment, election and powers of directors, voting rights and transfer of shares mention in ____________. 1. Charter of Company
2. Article of Association
3. Prospectus
4. None of the given option

6) To call the extraordinary meeting, how many days’ notice is required? 1. 21 days
2. 15 days
3. 07 days
4. 30 days

7) According to Section 305 of Companies Ordinance, a company may wound up by court under which of the following circumstances: 1. Statutory Declaration
2. Fails to submit statutory report
3. Expiry of Period
4. Appointment of Liquidators

8) Which of the following is the source of acquiring of redeemable capital? 1. Modarba Certificate
2. Debentures
3. Participation Term Certificates
4. All of the given option

9) Normally some part of Capital is kept for the payment of debts at the time of winding up, is called as: 1. Reserve capital
2. Un-Issued Capital
3. Un-Called up Capital
4. All of the given option

10) The following person cannot make a petition to the court to get an order for winding up of a company. 1. Petition by debtor
2. Petition by creditor
3. Petition by contributory
4. All of the above

1) Which of the following is the disadvantage of modified schedules and alternative workplace?

a. Freedom in professional and personal life
b. More Job satisfaction
c. Complicated coordination
d. Suitable for self starter who require little direct supervision

2) Among different managerial styles, which of the following allows most rapid decision making?

a. Autocratic styles
b. Democratic styles
c. Free rein style
d. None of the given option

3) ____________ is the process of motivating others to work to meet specific objectives.

a. Leadership
b. Motivation
c. Free rein style
d. Democratic style

4) Which of the following represents the set of procedures involving both managers and subordinates in setting goals and evaluating progress?

a. Participative Management and Empowerment
b. Management by Objectives (MBO)
c. Reinforcement/Behavior Modification Theory
d. None of the given option

5) The internal environment consists of the insides forces that influence marketing strategy and decision making is/are as follows:

a. Organization Policies
b. Product Policies
c. Management Structure
d. All of the given option

6) A specific communication task to be accomplished with a specific target audience during a specific period of time is called as:

a. Marketing Mix
b. Advertising objective
c. Market segmentation
d. Marketing process

7) Dividing a market into distance groups of buyers who have distinct needs, characteristics, or behavior and who might require separate products or marketing mixes.

a. Market segmentation
b. Marketing Mix
c. Marketing Penetration
d. Marketing control

8) The actors and forces outside...
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