Mcdonalds Notes on Delivery Service

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Slide two – Mission Statement…

Within McDonalds this there is such diversity with every component, from the menu, working hours, services to products this is what made it unique and offered the one of a kind experience. This allows great flexibility within the business to help achieve profit and growth, without the flexibility many McDonalds would survive. McDonalds dares to be different always introducing new ideas and doing what no other businesses do, e.g. giving to charities, Birthday parties etc we truly give our customers value they will ever forget.

Slide three- History

McDonald's was started as a drive-in restaurant by two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald in California, US in the year 1937. The business, which was generating $200,000 per annum in the 1940s, got a further boost with the new technology of a revolutionary concept called 'self-service.'

The brothers used assembly line procedures in their kitchen for mass production. Prices were kept low. Speed, service and cleanliness became the critical success factors of the business. By mid-1950s, the restaurant's revenues had reached $350,000.

Slide four – if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

In the 1950’s they failed to franchise McDonalds but along came…Ray Kroc (Kroc), distributor for milkshake machines. Expressed great interest in the business, and he finalized a deal with the McDonald brothers in 1954.

He established a franchising company, the McDonald System Inc. and appointed franchisees.

In 1961, he bought out the McDonald brothers' share for $2.7 million and changed the name of the company to McDonald's Corporation. In 1965, McDonald's went public...

Slide five, six and seven –
McDonald’s slogany thing:

McDonalds always had the can do attitude and with this optimistic view on business it always stood out. When implementing the online, phone, text and fax system it has the money to invest it has the resources to achieve this there are no lack of funds and its already up and running in countries like India, Singapore, and parts of the USA, by Moving forward the company can trial the delivery system and develop the results they receive into a report of the delivery system and this would show any trends, after analysing information the OBVIOUS answer would be McDonalds is ready to deliver in the UK, already online there are face book groups with and petitions saying McDonalds should deliver their food, there are over 10,000+ people from only just 2 groups saying McDonalds should deliver , even this figure must point out something obvious. Open communications, listening to the customer and them listening to you, our customers – 10,000 of them want us to deliver, and now we can.

The way in which we plan to have them order it is by phone, online, text and fax, this leaves such a wide gap as to how the customer wants to order, customers of McDonalds have always been unique as even some customers have rapped their orders.

Slide – McDelivery
What are we planning to offer

We want to become the revolutionary restaurant the one where optimum flexibility is an option, unlike KFC or burger king, if our customers aren’t lovin’ it were not lovin’ it. Were are looking to implement a fax, text, online , phone delivery system to where orders are delivered to a customer’s house for a small fee, depending on how far they live or for a large order delivery is free. This in return will increase customer brand awareness, as more jobs are created, thus more profit for McDonalds. The delivery service can be charged on a one price for all, with the rising price of petrol customers can save money by having their food delivered to them with a flat delivery charge rate, this even helps people who can’t reach a McDonalds easily, for an example a busy receptionist with a short break too far from a McDonalds to reach in her lunch break she has the convenience of ordering online and having it delivered by her break so she...
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