MBA Admission: Choosing a College

Topics: Human resources, Human resource management, Finance Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: March 11, 2011
Nowadays finance is the back bone of any Countries development. I want to be the part of the same. Financial growth of an Organization and in the broad sense, a countries growth depends on the proper management of financial activities. To achieve the same a MANAGER has to work on the ins and out of the financial activities of the organization and in turn the Countries Financial activities( though it is a fraction of the organizational financial activities). In consideration of the above I am opting for the Financial Management to make myself the part of the Financial growth of an Organization as well as the same for the country. In consideration of the above my first choice is to learn and get experienced with the Financial Management. Everywhere there is a competition nowadays. So, if I failed to qualify for the above, I opt for HR Management course as my next future working field. At present the Human resource development is one of the vital part in one’s life to develop the same and to know the actual (tentative) activity it is must to get the experience from the experienced Personnel of the field as I shall be the new comer and as well as practically at this age it is not possible to learn myself without any teacher i.e. so called GURU, which can only available from some Institution. Over and above it true that every subject is precious and all these are mend for the development of socio-economic growth of every organization and in turn the overall growth of any Country.
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