Maya Angelou

Topics: African American, Domestic violence, Porgy and Bess Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: October 8, 2010
Dascia Turner
Professor Kimberly Balding
English 1010: Composition One
20 September 2010
Truly Inspirational
I find Dr. Maya Angelou to be a very interesting woman. She has lived a very productive life. She rose up in the face of adversary and succeeded in making a life for herself. Her numerous accomplishments testify to this fact. She did not come from a promising background, but she defied all the odds. During her childhood, she absorbed the faith and values of a traditional African American family such as love and respect for one another. She refused to back down from a challenge. She provides an excellent example of a strong, confident African American woman. She is not ashamed of where she came from. Her upbringings have helped shape the woman she is today. She is proud to be an African American woman in a time when black women are being degraded in all forms. She is a glowing example of grace and elegance. She possesses the wisdom that most people never comprehend. She also possesses the following personal traits that inspire me. Pioneer, independent, confident, courageous, and inspirational are just a few traits that describe this remarkable woman. She is also a passionate and headstrong motivator and leader. She is truly a one of a kind lady. This world produces very few women that can compare to Dr. Maya Angelou. First of all, Dr. Angelou is a pioneer of her time. She wasn’t scared to strive for goals that were classified as unattainable. In 1972, her script of Georgia, Georgia was the first to be filmed by an African American woman. It was also nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. The very same things that she was told she couldn’t do were the exact same things she did. She had faith in her abilities to accomplish anything. She provides hope to the people of all ages, races, and gender. Her life shows that the word cant doesn’t exist when you are determined. Secondly, she was an independent and confident woman. When she had a child at an early age,...

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