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Computer Aided Engineering

Dr Mike Clee
College of Engineering
Swansea University
Semester 1, 2014-2015

General Information
• Lectures and Computer Laboratory Classes
– Two 1-hour lecture slots allocated to these courses
in the timetable
• These slots will be used in weeks 2-4

– Throughout term a PC lab session is available every
• Students should attend lab sessions when possible

Semester 1, 2014-2015

Structure of EG-264

• Two components
– MATLAB – Revision, Numerical Integration, Root
• Dr Mike Clee
• Lectures – Weeks 2-4, Labs – Weeks 3-5
• 50% 1 assignment

– CAD – Solidworks
• Dr Chengyuan Wang
• Lectures Weeks 5-6, Labs – Weeks 6-12
• 50% – 1 assignments

Semester 1, 2014-2015

General Information
• MATLAB lab slots
– There will be demonstrators in each lab to help with MATLAB worksheets
– Each student has the opportunity to complete the assignment during the lab sessions
– Remember - MATLAB labs will be held between Week 3 and Week 5 this is where help will be available.

• Every year, over 40% of level-3 research projects involve the use of MATLAB
– The only way to master MATLAB is to practice!
– Revision worksheets are available on Blackboard for practice in your own time during weeks 3-5
– Should also put the examples from the lecture notes into MATLAB – Try to understand what each command is doing
Semester 1, 2014-2015

Assessment – MATLAB 1 component

• You will be asked to submit your MATLAB solutions
to specific problems
– Worth 50% of total marks for the module
– Assignment will be made available on Blackboard this
week ready for labs next week
– Deadline for Submission – Friday 31st October 2014

Semester 1, 2014-2015

Academic Honesty
• Read sections on unfair practice and plagiarism in College of Engineering and University handbooks
• Students encouraged to work together on course
– Help each other learn the material

• However……
– Your coursework submission must only contain work that
represents your own efforts

• Note
– Changing variable names in MATLAB file not sufficient to hide fact that two solutions are the same
– Programming style tends to be individualistic
– Similarities in style and format will always be apparent

• Think carefully before giving your work to a colleague to ‘help them out’
Semester 1, 2014-2015

Module Objectives – MATLAB 1

• To introduce a wider range of capabilities of
• To introduce the general concept of computer
programming and the specific implementation
under the MATLAB environment
• To illustrate how MATLAB can be used to assist the
process of undertaking certain basic engineering
• Reference textbook
– Desmond J. Higham and Nicholas J. Higham, MATLAB
Guide, second edition, SIAM, Philadelphia, USA, 2005
Semester 1, 2014-2015

General Advice

• Improving MATLAB technique is only possible if
you have a good general knowledge of MATLAB
• Spend extra time early in semester to become
familiar with format of MATLAB
– Lecture notes
– Practice sheets

• Complete the lab work promptly
• Don’t leave coursework until the last minute
• Concepts in course are not difficult but you will
need to allow time to produce the solutions
Semester 1, 2014-2015

General Advice

• Additional support
– Library
– On-line MATLAB help facility
– Internet based resources
– Introductory tutorial and helpful information at

Semester 1, 2014-2015


Semester 1, 2014-2015


• What is programming?
– Involves splitting a task logically into a number of
small steps
• i.e., will involve a number of sequential commands

– Each step is written in the chosen programming
• MATLAB, C, C++, Fortran, …

– Program run on the computer to obtain a solution to
the task
– The computer will do exactly what you tell it to do
• Not what you think...
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