Math Book Report

Topics: Mathematics, Jon Scieszka, Geometry Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: March 26, 2015
William Pawelko
Mr. Turkin
College Algebra, Pr. 2
March 25, 2015
Math Curse By: Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith
Math Curse, written by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith, takes us on a journey with a small child who is cursed by math. His teacher’s name is Mrs. Fibonacci, who was a well know mathematician who connected a mathematical sequence found in nature. Of course Mrs. Fibonacci told her class and this child how easily math can be seen in the outside world. Our main character goes on a math rampage that drives him crazy. Scieszka and Smith do a great job a combining mathematical concepts as well as rhymes and brain games. The book is continuously rhyming accompanied by humorous art work that gives the story a kind of flow. Want a little bit of a challenge? Try answering a number of math questions asked throughout the book. The math used consisted mainly of patterns if not basic math of a 3rd grader. Fractions were mentioned but as any 3rd grader would be our main character was terrified of them. So much so that he may have considered answering the question in French instead of math.

Overall the book seemed good for the target audience. There was appealing art work on each page, as well as rhymes. The Rhyming scheme made a big difference because it made the story have a sense of flow. Our authors also made the story interesting for an older more sophisticated audience with the introduction of Ms. Fibonacci who talks about math in nature. Good book I would say yes. William Pawelko

Mr. Turkin
College Algebra, Pr. 2
March 25, 2015
Math of My Story
In my story a girl named Clara meets Pascal. Pascal has what he calls a pyramid but is really just a triangle with greatness equivalent to that of a pyramid. Pascal’s triangle is a great mathematical pattern in which two adjacent numbers of a previous row are added to get the number below in the next row. In our College Algebra course we were able to use Pascal’s triangle to expand binomials in which we were...
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