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What were the most revolutionary social and economic developments of the last quarter of the nineteenth century? •How did different groups of Americans respond to those changes and how effective were their responses? •What role did government play in these developments?

In the late 1900s some of the most social and economic developments were railroads, steel oil, the type writer cash register, light bulb and agriculture. The development of the railroad made it easier for immigrant to come to this country for work. This meant that there were more group of different races and cultures in America. And in some states there became an over population and city workers like police and garbage men could not keep up with the demand of so many people. Some groups mover to open land for the Homestead Act. They had hope of farming and staying on the land for at least five years as agreed but the supply and demand of agriculture did sustain so many farmer moved off the land well before their five years. The government played many different role I deescalating some issues in American history. Women and children were being worked for long hours and getting paid a little bit of nothing in return for their hard work. So the government put labor laws into place that were to protect women and children. As oil, steel and railroad industries grew so did the levels of pollution. The government again put laws that were to protect animals and the earth so that there would not be so much pollution. Hawksworth, R. (Producer). (2001). The American industrial revolution [Video]. United States: Media Rich LLC. Retrieved from
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