Maternity Leave

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Maternity leave

At present, almost every country has provisions for maternity leave that provided to the female employees. Most industrialized countries have some form of maternity or parental leave policy that effectively grants employment protection to women around childbirth and in some cases to either parent for an even longer period after childbirth (Puhani and Sonderhof, 2009). Maternity leaves are the temporary leaves that allowed by the company or institutions to a female employee for delivering and taking care a baby with the full salary payment. Bourne and Lentz (2009) indicates that Maternity leave is the time away from paid employment for mothers to recuperate from childbirth or adoption and care for their new child. This maternity leaves is important to ensure the health of a baby, recovering process for a mother and also the time to manage a baby welfare and nursery before a mother ready for coming back to work. However, the duration or the provisions provided for the maternity leaves by one country is different from another country and it had become the major concerns in the world regarding the minimum length of the maternity leaves that enough and sufficient for a mother and baby before return back to the work. The country around the world views that maternity leaves as a women privileges for the childbearing roles and contribute to the population in the world. The duration of maternity leaves are relying to the government’s policy in one country on how they manage and handle the maternity leaves as the employment act in their country. The International Labor Organization (ILO) is the International organization responsible for drawing up and overseeing international labor standards. Protecting maternity has been among the first concerns of the ILO and they are responsible to review the employment protection for female workers in the international level. In 1919, the first Convention on maternity protection (Convention No. 3) was adopted during the first International Labor Conference (ILC). This Convention was followed by two others: Convention No. 103 in 1952 and Convention No.183 in 2000, which progressively expanded the scope and entitlements of maternity protection at work. In 2010, ILO suggested that the minimum length of maternity leaves should be at least 12 weeks and they recommend the best maternity leaves are 14 weeks. 183 of ILO member countries already practice with minimum standard of maternity leaves and fewer than 30 countries do not practice the minimum length of maternity leaves. ILO review the policy that helps to protect the worker’s rights especially in terms of maternity leaves that important to female employees around the world. O the other hand, the country needs to study and investigate the suitability and compatibility of policy to their current situation before they implement such policy in their country.

Maternity Leave In Malaysia.
Under the employment law, employees are provided with variety of side benefit with make them to work in comfortable environment. Rest day and leave also one of benefit enjoyed by employee during their working period. Among this women are given special priority by ‘Employment Law’ with make employees to abide by this rules in regards to the employment of female employee. Some example of rules should abide are; * Under Sec 34 –

* No female worker allowed working in any industrial / agricultural venture between 10.00pm and 5.00am. * Further no female employee can start work without having a rest period of 11 consecutive hours. * However the DG may exempt any female employee from the restriction on working hours, but not the rest period.

* Sec 35 also mentioned that female workers cannot work underground (mining activities). * Female workers must be given with 60 days of maternity leave.

Maternity leave is one of the most important...
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