Material Development

Topics: Reading, Dyslexia, Applied linguistics Pages: 3 (880 words) Published: December 18, 2014
We designed a language-literacy material. We designed a story which we can read to children with story card technique. We illustrated this story in such manner that is appropriate for their age. In the story, there is a bear family and they set out on a journey in forest. The main character in the story is Barni. When Barni set out on a journey in forest, it learns counting numbers. We also designed materials with felt. With these materials, after children read or listen the story, they match numbers with characters in the story. We also use wood to children match numbers. Language of story is tried to be appropriate for children’s age and language-literacy level. We used attractive colors when we designed and made our material. We wanted that it is attractive and beautiful for children. Materials which we used tried to be appropriate for children. For example; sides and corners of wooden blocks are oval in a shape that they cannot harm to children. We designed our material in order to children using individually. Thanks to this, children can learn counting numbers when they read or listen story. Also, reading or listening story can raise the awareness of reading. Children can learn new words. When children take this material, they can explore themselves counting numbers. This material can be used in indoors but characters which we used in are things which children can find in outdoor. We aimed that material is connected with real life in this way. We designed this material for 4-5 years children. When we made this material, we considered their developmental level. Numbers which children will bond with hook and pile can help to children’s fine motor skills develop. When teacher read the story, children can gain listening habit. They can learn new words from story. They can make the story continue as they want. This may help to develop their creativity. We used a clear topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph. We used...
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