MAT302 MIDTERM Exam Study Guide

Topics: Normal distribution, Standard deviation, Variance Pages: 8 (1424 words) Published: April 23, 2015
A variable is classified as ordinal if:

 A.there is a natural ordering of categories

 B.we track the variable through a period of time

 C.there is no natural ordering of categories

 D.the data arise from continuous measurements

If a die is rolled one time, find the probability of getting a number greater than 2.





Sue has 10 pictures but only has space in her apartment to hang 4 of them on a wall. The number of different arrangements of four pictures from a selection of ten pictures is:





The failure rate for taking the bar exam in Philadelphia is 41%. If 375 people take the bar exam, what is the mean for the number of failures?





A researcher surveyed college students to study their opinion about the proposed change in smoking rules. The researcher asked a group of 30 students: 12 of them supported the change, 13 of them did not, and 5 had no opinion. This is not a binomial model because...

 A.30 students are not enough for a good sample

 B....less than half of the students supported the change.

 C....there are 3 possible outcomes, not 2.

 D....the students who strongly supported the change and those who only mildly supported the change are counted the same.

The following data were obtained from a survey of college students. The variable X represents the number of non-assigned books read during the past six months. x
P (X=x)

Find P( X If Z is a standard normal random variable, then the value z for which P(-z < Z < z) equals 0.8764 is





If Z is a standard normal random variable, the area between z = 0.0 and z =1.30 is 0.4032, while the area between z = 0.0 and z = 1.50 is 0.4332. What is the area between z = -1.30 and z = 1.50?





If the value of the standard normal random variable Z is positive, then the original score is where in relationship to the mean? the right of the mean standard deviation higher than the mean the left of the mean

 D.equal to the mean

The standard deviation of  is usually called the

 A.randomized standard error

 B.standard error of the population

 C.standard error of the sample

 D.standard error of the mean

The histogram below represents scores achieved by 250 job applicants on a personality profile.

Half of the job applicants scored below what value? Place your answer in the blank. Do not use any stray symbols. For example, 123 would be a legitimate answer. 30 

WhWhat probability value would be needed to complete the following probability distribution?  
            Place your answer in the blank.   0.28 

If a A gambler rolls two dice and gets a sum of four, he wins $10; and if he gets a sum of three, he wins $25. The cost to play the game is $5. What is the expectation of this game?  
Place your answer, rounded to two decimal places, in the blank.  -100.00   When entering your answer do not use a dollar sign. However, if the expected payoff is negative be sure to use a minus sign. For example, -1.23 would be a legitimate entry.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is a very visible group whose main focus is to educate...
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