Masdar City

Topics: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Wind power Pages: 4 (1121 words) Published: March 2, 2009
The Masdar Initiative, established by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, is a logical development of the Emirate’s long-standing commitment to a sound environmental strategy and continuing economic diversification.

Masdar, which means “the source” in Arabic, complements the vision of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder and the former President of the UAE, who pioneered environmental conservation in the country. It aims to become the source of energy, knowledge and innovation in order to position Abu Dhabi as a global new energy leader. Masdar is committed to the optimum use of natural and human resources so that Abu Dhabi can develop into a global centre of excellence for renewable energy research, development, and innovation. The development of clean sources of energy is a global responsibility with benefits for every aspect of life on our planet. They recognize that, to achieve our aspiration to play a leading role in fulfilling this responsibility, They need to collaborate with a broad range of partners who share our vision and commitment to a cleaner future. They are investing considerable resources to create a ground-breaking global network that fosters creativity and encourages innovation.

Thanks to the support and drive of the Abu Dhabi government, Masdar has grown quickly from a vision to reality. The construction of Masdar City, powered entirely by renewable energy, is already underway. The Masdar Institute is commencing work, our investment funds are already fuelling future energy inventions and innovations, and we are working with long-established industries to reduce carbon emissions. The expected completion date of Masdar city {draw:frame} To secure for Masdar a leading position in the future energy economy, Utilities and Asset Management uses various investment models to build a portfolio of renewable energy operating assets and to make strategic investments in companies...
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