Martin Luther King Essay

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., African American, United States Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: February 28, 2014
Quennel Evans
U.S. History Sem 2
February 26, 2014
Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King essay

This will be my essay on the legendary Martin Luther King Jr. Mr. King was a very strong man to the black community for multiple reasons. He supported the black community through the racism and segregation. He had encouraged associates such as Malcolm X, Mohammad Ali, and Rosa parks. This will be my essay on the life of Martin Luther King Jr. Mr. King was born January 15,1929 in Atlanta, Georgia as Michael king, but later on his father had changed his name in honor of a German reformer named Martin Luther. Growing up, Martin Luther king had attended church very often and had grew up to become a Baptist minister. Mr. King had also become a civil rights activist when his career had first shot off. This was the evolution of Mr. King. Martin Luther King was highly against racism and indifference in society. He believed that everybody should be treated equally and racism shouldn’t exist. Caucasian people did not agree with Martin Luther King’s boycott. Mr. King had organized the Selma To Montgomery Marches in 1965, requesting to end the racism and unfair treatment in the society. He had also won multiple awards for these accomplishments. Martin Luther King had supported the Vietnam War alienating his speech, calling it “beyond Vietnam”. He had spoken about his allies and wanting to come to a mutual understanding with them. Mr. King was a very outspoken person when it came to things he had issues with. This is what made Mr. King a powerful force. One of his most noticeable accomplishments was his “I Have A Dream” speech, delivered in 1963 on Washington where he established his reputation as one of the greatest speakers in the U.S. history. The “I Have A Dream” speech was a speech used to call an end to racism in the United States. The speech had been addressed to more than 250,00 civil right supporters from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The speech was a...
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