Martian Chronicles

Topics: Mars, The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury Pages: 4 (1448 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Mike DiMeglio
English 140
Dr. Miskolcze
25 February 2013
The Disregard for Mother Nature
Living among Mother nature is something that many people take for granted.  It provides beauty, untold resources, and homes for humans and many other living creatures.  These days nature has taken a back seat as humans continue to tear down, exploit, and colonize land without regard for nature. The Martian Chronicles, by Ray Bradbury, presents a parallel existence between Martians and Native Americans in order to illustrate that humans do not value and respect nature.

Unlike man, the Martians care for and respect the land on which they live on.  When Spender informs Captain Wilder about how the Martians looked at life he states, “The Martians discovered the secret of life among animals.  The animal does not question life. It lives.  Its very reason for living is life; it enjoys and relishes life” (Bradbury, 66). This shows how Martians celebrated life. They enjoyed what was given to them and accepted the things at their disposal. By enjoying life they could live at peace and have a life without war or hatred. The Martians like the animals live their lives happily among the land. As the Native Americans celebrated their lives, the land, and their animal Gods so did the Martians. Native Americans respected the land they walked among and all living things that inhabited it as well. The Martians respect nature as the Native Americans once did along with the animals that roam mars.  Martians and Native Americans both accept their planets landscape and resources that surround them.  

With the arrival of humans on Mars man shows his disrespect for what has been left behind on this now empty planet. Seeing Mars as a dead planet Biggs shows his disrespect for it, “He carried six empty bottles and dropped them one by one into the deep blue canal waters. They made empty, hollow, drowning sounds as they sank” (Bradbury, 52). It is easy to see how man has no respect...
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