marriage conflicts

Topics: Marriage, Family, Psychology Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: November 3, 2013
Understanding Marital Conflict and Its Effect on Children

Conflicts which lead to unresolved issues can influence the quality of the marriage. Although several avenues of research were made on marital relationships, the factors which influence the arising of continuous conflicts are still not clear. Unresolved issues are problems which are continuously brought up in a marriage. Unresolved conflicts within the marriage can affect the longevity and quality of the marriage, but personal background and individual trauma contribute to marital problems more often than conflicts within the marriage. If a person develops a behavioral property because of environmental factors prior to a marriage, or even during marriage, that one person can endanger the marital satisfaction and longevity. 1 A study by Azize Nilgün CANEL [2] (2013) aimed to explore marital satisfaction in long-term marriages. They have come to the conclusion that people often have many dimensions of satisfaction in their relationships or marriages. However, unhappy marriages exist in all age categories. Nilgün stated, “This research suggests that optimizing positive emotional experiences and minimizing negative experiences is the only way of achieving a happy marriage.” The study suggested that many couples practice avoiding conflict as often as possible by not interfering with partner’s beliefs. Behaviors of such, prevents escalations of trapped emotional inequalities which would eventually damage the marital relationship.  Emotions have a huge cumulative effect when handling any incoherent communication with spouse. Diluting emotions will create unresolved issues which do not go away on their own. Suppressing thoughts and emotions creates a subconscious tension in the mind that makes individuals wander to what they “feel” makes them happy. This tension causes a new argument in the future. On the contrary, partners allowing open expression of one another builds a sturdy common ground for the...
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