Marlo Morgan's Mutant Message Down Under: Analysis

Topics: Mind, Meaning of life, Human Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: September 11, 2007
A consistent mood throughout a book and the effect it leaves on a reader's awareness of certain aspects of life can determine the reader's overall opinions and perceptions of the book. "Mutant Message Down Under," by Marlo Morgan, does a good job of both maintaining a consistent mood and kept the reader thinking about the book and relating it to his life long after the last pages had been turned. This story is about one women's incredible journey across the vast Australian desert with the natives of the country, the Aboriginals. These Aboriginals, self-named the "Real People," teach the main-character many lessons on the true meaning of life and what truly matters, past all materialism and superficialities. The reader is left with a shift in the awareness of life and the planet and the mind set which we are raised with from the time of childhood. He finishes with the ultimate question, "what is the true purpose of life?" resonating in his/her head. This awareness shift and the consistent mood help set the perception of the book as it is read, and keeps the reader's mind focused. "Mutant Message Down Under" targets many of the deeper issues of life that deserve more attention in the average person's thoughts. People just get so caught up in society and everything involved that they forget to question life every once in a while. The novel confronts the reader's mind with many of these thoughts, including the materialistic values set forth in modern society. Such emphasis and value is set on objects that are so easily lost and found, created and destroyed. People have come to depend on such objects, when really this attention should be paid towards the more simple pleasures and blessings in life. "Mutant Message Down Under" delves deeply into the dilemma of preserving the earth and its natural resources that it gives to its inhabitants. The majority of humans today pay no heed towards the earth and the destruction being caused with the presence of...
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