Marketing Strategy: Clearsil Case Study Questions

Topics: Marketing, Acne vulgaris, Blackhead Pages: 3 (762 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Marketing Strategy (Clearsil Case Study)
Akshay Palkar - 70
Pratik Shetty - 107
Tina Lucas- 78
Anirudh Nair - 82
Prajakta Pawar - 91
Rushikesh Dixit - 67
Kalpesh Hiwase - 74
Mahendra Mane - 79
Rahul Girisan - 120
Elisha Mahapatra - 121

1. Who should be Clearasil’s core consumer target – Teens (11-17) only, Young Adults (18-24) only or both Teens and Young Adults? * CS has to categories their products into young teens (11 to 15), late teens (16 to 19) and young adults (20 to 24) * the product mix caters to basic economical SKU's of skin care and acne which should be targeted to the young teens * and intensive acne treatment products in skin care towards the late teens * and ultra premium skin care range towards the young adults * Clearsil has gone through 3 re-positioning during the early 2000's. * They first positioned themselves targeting both the teens as well as the adults * They were historically known to target the young adults * During the 1950's to 1870's the marketing campaign mainly involved famous celebs including Dick Clark announcing the effectiveness of the cream through which sky-rocketed sales * Also included Adventure trips around the world

* However the same strategy would not work in the modern scenario * Hence the brand was to undergo a brand transformation and also appeal to the young teens * Young teens mainly consist of the school kids who are not VERY worried about skin care but just want to upkeep basic skin care * Late teens are very self-conscious of their looks and would want to keep themselves presentable in their early college life * Young adults enter the market with new-found purchasing power parity and hence can afford to buy ultra premium range to provide the best available care for their skin

2: Clearasil Ultra and Stay clear are two products which need to be positioned properly. According to current positioning these two products, though being different are catering to...
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