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During the following assignment I am going to chose an organisation, which I will carefully examine and analyse the marketing communications of the organisation. I will pay attention to the creativity of the communication and I will also suggest ways in which this could be enhanced. I will be looking at all aspects of the sensory experiences like verbal, visual, audio and tactile. Introduction

The organisation I have chosen to base this assignment on is Skoda. I have chosen Skoda because i believe they are a very creative and innovative car company, from their recent adverts of building their cars with cakes and other foods, this shows Skoda are very creative, and this made me choose Skoda. Before the adverts Skoda were relatively unknown to me personally, however after seeing their creative adverts they stand out more as an organisation. Explaining Skoda

Skoda started of making bicycles; this is quite strange because it shows the creativity within the organisation. They started of making bicycles and now they are making cars. Skoda is a Czech company; however they have merged with the German car company Volkswagen. The history of Skoda's rise from being a running joke to becoming the most deservedly respected name in the car world is one of the triumphs of the modern era. Marketing communications

At its best creative marketing can have a huge effect on sales. This is also backed up by the greatest thinker in the world Albert Einstein. ‘Imagination is more important than Knowledge’
Marketing communications attempts to affect an audience response either rationally or emotionally. Objectives are written as hard or soft, goals such as attitudanal and behavioural, which then translate into awareness, column inches, evoked and consideratiion sets, leads conversations and coupon responses. Jenkins (2006) ‘Advertising relies on visual imagerey to connect the perceptual with the conceptual, the signifier and the signified, the product and the product benefits.’ Schroeder and Borgerson (2005) Talking about sensory

The reaction of the viewers is important for Skoda, The viwers reaction to marketing communications that is meaningful and allows people to make sense of the presented message, to interpret the creative images. Movement and direction

Our primitive instincts make us react very quickly to movement. Advertisements with motion get increased attention and movement may make the advertisement much more dynamic and creates better impact. This is important because it helps the target audience to stay focussed and pay attention. I believe Skoda have done this very creatively. In their advert there is a lot of movement and the advert is like an adventure, it makes the target audience watch in anticipation because they want to know what happens next. As we know people have short attention spans and movement is an effective tool to help the audience focus. The powerful effect of motion intensive advertising explains why TV and cinema advertising is so effective. Colour and intensity

Advertising with a lot of colour draws attention to it. Colour makes advertising more intense and can also make people pay attention for a longer time as we enjoy being seduced by intense stimuli. Colour is not only a tool to get people’s attention; it also sets the mood in advertising. Skoda has done this very well as they have a different number of colours in their advertisement. This sets the mood and also grips the audience. The colour Skoda use throughout their advertisement is green, green is known as a peaceful and calm colour this is very creative because the audience will feel relaxed while watching the advertisement.

Size and contrast
Size is a good creative tool to use. It can be used with large letters, images and illustrations. If the advertisement is large the empty advertisement will generate curiosity. This is what is regularly called negative space in advertising. Contrast is an effective tactic in advertising. Skoda use...
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