Marketing Plan for Mrs Fields

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Marketing plan Pages: 3 (632 words) Published: April 29, 2008
Purpose of the Task
The purpose of the task is to develop an understanding of Marketing Plans. Description of the task
A marketing plan is a written statement of a marketing strategy and the time-related details for carrying out the strategy. It should detail the following: •What marketing mix is offered, to whom is it offered (i.e. the target market) and for how long is it offered? •What company resources (shown as costs) are needed at what rate (monthly perhaps)? •What results are expected (sales and profits or other organizational goals, perhaps monthly or quarterly)? (Quester et al, 2007, p.56). You are required to follow the contents of a marketing plan (see Kotler et al., 2007, pp.118 -127) to complete this assignment. Students are required to select an organisation in Australia in consultation with your tutor and undertake research on that specific organisation. The plan should outline the organisations activities and clearly link to the contents provided below. This assessment should progressively be completed on a weekly basis as the plan includes areas on the topic, you are required to undertake research on the organisation beginning Week 2 and report back to your tutor on the findings in the tutorial class. The plan should include following contents:

First Draft (500 words) is due in Week 4 and should include the points below: 1.Company and industry background. Select a specific organisation in consultation with your tutor and provide the company background as well as the industry background 2.Current marketing situation - competitive situation, micro and macro-environment (Chapter 5)

Second draft (500 + 1000 words) is due in Week 7 and should include the points below 3.Current marketing situation (cont.) – consumer (Chapter 7), distribution situation 4.Marketing objectives (Chapter 3)

5.SWOT and issue analysis and issues faced (Chapter 5). The SWOT analysis is to be in the appendix. The SWOT analysis is to be summarised and...

References: VI. APPENDICES (if any)
1. It is important to note that the structure above is just an example. You do not need to follow it precisely. If you have other ideas to write the marketing plan, please do so. Just remember that you must include each point mentioned above.
2. Prior to assignment submission, you have to ensure that you produce a plan with a CORRECT format.
3. Please use the ‘Spelling & Grammar’ function in Microsoft Word to ensure there is no spelling or grammar error. Use simple sentences as they are easy to read and to understand.
4. You MUST use in-text Harvard Referencing System. Please keep in mind that some marks may be deducted from incorrect referencing.
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