Marketing myopia Levitt

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Marketing myopia
Organisations should define their sector as much extensive as they can , because it may help them with developing their business and finding more opportunities. Levitt gives examples abut railroads which hadn’t thought about their industry as the transportation business, but as just the railroad business. Moreover, there is another similar example about Hollywood which hadn’t defined itself as the entertainment business, but as the movie business. Levitt called that as “Marketing Myopia” (Levitt 1960 p.45).

Another idea which Levitt explains in the article says that organisations should concentrate not just on products, but also on customers. A lot of businesses which are recognised as developing will decline sooner or later because the management concentrates its effort on increasing and improving products without thinking about customers’ needs. Levitt, in his article, implies that companies or organisations will operate much better if they don’t focus just on selling products. He thinks that they should concentrate most of their attention on customers’ needs.

Levitt talks about misunderstanding differences between selling and marketing, too. He explains that selling is thinking about seller’s need which means converting a product into money, while marketing concentrates on buyer’s needs which include completely different things which are connected with making a product, providing it to a customer, and finally being consumed by a customer (Levitt 1960 p. 50).

He mentions that a truly good marketing-minded business attempts to create a product which meets real customers’ needs and in the same time is wanted to buy by a customer. He emphasises that not sellers, but buyers should determine a product which is sold (Levitt 1960 p. 50).

There is a positive example about Henry Ford who followed this idea and reduced prices of his cars as a result of the customers’ needs. He wanted to produce cars which are bought by a lot of customers,...
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