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Based off of the Parteto Principle, (Team T) has decided to tactical twenty percent of the total issues with the hopes of resolving eighty percent of the companies issues. The biggest dissatisfaction with Hytec, Inc employees according to the employee climate survey; employees are extremely unhappy with their pay. For the past three years that the company has been conducting a companywide employment survey, employee stratification in respect to pay has been decreasing. Hytec, Inc is roughly twenty-five percent under what employees should be paid in their market. To help your employees stay and be more excited to proceed with the new High performance team base environment that Hytec, Inc is entering, we recommend to implementing a gain sharing system. Gain sharing is where the business agrees to share the company profits with its employees on the basics of the level of contribution to the gain of the overall profits. The organization's actual performance is compared to baseline performance (often a historical standard) to determine the amount of the gain1.”Therefore, this concept gives Hytec, Inc the opportunity to tie employee advancement/ team performance to a monthly, quarterly or annually gain sharing bonus. The concept of employee’s receiving a percentage of the company profits based on the job performance gives the employees a sense of “importance of cooperation and teamwork as critical to success in business.2” To obtain the pool of money to reward Hytec, Inc employees on their performance standards; we suggest to cut back on your employee benefits that are about twenty percent above average. Our suggestion consist that Hytec, Inc reduce their employee benefits by ten percent across the board. The ten percent decrease will give the company enough to launch the gain sharing program but still keep the company desirable to work for. This money is for the acknowledgement of the department teams exceeding the standards and competition of items set forth by...
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