Marketing in Banking in India

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Banking Industry is one of the most important service industries which touches the lives of inillions of people. Its service is unique both in social and economic points of view of a nation. Earlier the attitude of banking service was that it was not professional to sell one's services and was unnecessary in the sense that traditional relationships and quality of products were sufficient to carry forward the tasks. Before the mid 1950's the banks had no understanding or regard for marketing. The bank building was created in the image of a Greek Temple to impress the public about the importance of a bank. The interior was austere and the teller rarely smiled. Bankers maintained austere dignity and they hardly maintained friendliness. It was in the late 1950's that marketing in banking industry emerged in the west. It emergence was in the form of advertising and promotion concept. significant place. At that time, personal setting could not get a (.3radually there was a change in the attitude of bankers, probably in time with the attitudinal change in customers. The idea of customers' satisfaction began in the late 1950's, flourished in 1960's and became an integral part of the banking services in the 1970's.

But the same trend could not be applicable, especially in Prepared by BeeHive Digital Concepts Cochin for Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam developing countries and to be more specific in India because of socioeconomic and political reasons. Marketing came into Indian banks in the late 1950's not in the form of marketing concept but in the forms of advertising and promotion concept. Soon it was realised that marketing transcends advertlslng and friendliness'. Till 1950 it was recognised that personal selling was not necessary. The bankers went out of their way to avoid being accused of selling. The bankers even eliminated the word

'selling' and they called the function of customer contact 'business development function'. The bankers' attitudes and comprehensions They began to realise that

about marketing changed in the 1960's.

marketing was a lot more than smiling and friendly tellers2. The idea of customer convenience began in the late fifties and it flourished in the 1960's. Bankers were beginning to understand the concept of market segmentation in the late 1960's. The bank marketing profession

changed dramatically in the 1970's. Marketing positions in banks were created and marketing was accepted as an organisational imperative. To understand how banking services can be marketed better, one must examine bank~ng a service industry, in the content of a swiftly as changing environment, redefine marketing to suit a banker's needs, analyse how the marketing of financial services differs from that of other products, identify the tasks involved there in and set forth a series of steps for effective bank marketing3.

Prepared by BeeHive Digital Concepts Cochin for Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam

When modern managers the world over are busy having their marketing skills, bankers in India can ill-afford to shlug it off and keep away from global changes in banking which are in favour of "Optimal satisfaction of custoniers' wants and creation of customers for novel products". As a matter of fact competition was not in existence. On the one side of the fence was the State Bank of India alone, which is enjoying Government, oanership and on the other side were private Commercial Banks, local by orientation, primarily servicing the interest of the controlling business houses. Therefore neither the State Bank nor the others cared much for the public. Furthermore, their service is

confirmed to a limited range of services which included Current Accounts, Term Deposit Accounts and Savings Bank Accounts in Deposit Area. In the area of advances, limits were sanctioned on the basis of security by way of lock and key accounts and bills, purchased limits, their...

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