Marketing Communications: Ability to Change Awareness, Opinions and Attitudes

Topics: Marketing, Graphic design, Advertising Pages: 4 (1482 words) Published: April 15, 2011
Marketing Communications, such as advertising, can inform, persuade, remind, reassure and ultimately differentiate one product from the next.

Marketing Communications, or MarComs, can change levels of awareness, opinions and attitudes. MarComs can even change behaviour such as buying behaviour whether trial purchases, full purchases or repurchases culminating in brand loyalty. Sometimes, the MarComs becomes the key competitive element – the brand itself – building conscious and unconscious relationships with customers. MarComs can: 1.Inform and make potential customers aware of an offering or make them aware of a particular feature or USP. 2.Persuade them to change their attitude or to consider purchasing or sometimes not purchasing. 3.Remind people of a need they have – particularly at the right time, in the right place, in other words – in the right context. 4.Reassure them that what they bought is right for them – this soothes and reduces the anxiety caused by post purchase dissonance. 5.Differentiate one product or brand from another particularly in maturing markets where many competitors drift towards commodities. Regardless of the specific role, all communications, if properly managed, should build the brand, by adding value to the brand whether informing, persuading, reminding, reassuring and of course differentiating. Surprisingly many don’t.

And, of course, some MarComs aim to immediately sell a product or service. Occasionally, some MarComs actually try to reduce sales. These rare yet highly ethical moments are sometimes advertising’s most fascinating moments. Some communications tools are better at specific roles than others. There are many different marketing communications tools including: Direct Mail, Telemarketing and Sales Force, Advertising, PR, Sponsorship, Packaging, Point of Sale and Exhibitions, Sales Promotions, Web Sites and eMarketing tools (such as virals, search engine optimisation). Last but not least, and arguably, the most...
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