Marketing Case Study of "Pamela Shampoo"

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Case Study on Pamela Shampoo

13.1 What alternatives Mr. Alfred Jones have for improving his social position? Was manufacturing a shampoo a right decision?
Alfred who engaged in buying and selling of land- a real estate business and brokering deals were known as dalal. When Alfred grew up, he joined his father’s company as a Director in 1980.His father was the Managing Director and Chairperson of the company. Alfred was very successful, growing the business and becoming rich in the process. Despite his financial success, Alfred was concerned about the social status. In 1985, his father retired although he remained the Chairperson. Alfred become Managing Director but did not like his family business anymore because of its low social profile. Mr. Haque-who was the proprietor of small market research firm. During the discussion regarding his family business, Mr. Haque encouraged Alfred to launch a new venture company. Mr. Haque convinced him that starting a new business would help him get rid of the associations with the humiliating term dalal.

Production decisions involve the processes by which raw materials are converted into the finished products through manufacturing. These decisions play a very important role in the product quality, cash flow, control etc. The new venture had problems right from the beginning. It failed to reach sales target because Alfred did not do any market research before manufacturing and launching Pamela Shampoo. Despite huge investments, over a period of couple of years, Alfred had become a bankrupt. Manufacturing a shampoo was not a right decision without market research properly.

13.2 Given that Mr. Jones had financial resource, what process should he follow for developing a business plan and its implementation?
Financial resource is using the profits and accumulated savings from his real estate company, he brought a huge area of land for establishing a factory for manufacturing Shampoo. Every business...
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