Marketing Apple

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“Marketing Apple”

Joshua Alvarez
Marketing 3331
Fall 2014

Marketing Apple

Apple Inc. was founded on April 1, 1976 in a garage by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the young entrepreneurs brought different strength to their fledgling company. Jobs had a flair for conceptualizing products, while Wozniak had the technical know-how to make them happen. Apple Incorporated is an American corporation that designs and manufactures computer hardware, software and other consumer electronics. The company is best known for their Macintosh personal computer line, MAC OS X, extremely loyal user-base, iTunes media application and the iPod personal music player. The company headquarters is in Cupertino, California, CEO and co-founder is Steve Jobs and the company boasts 284 retail locations spanning 10 different countries. Apple I was the first product that Apple Inc. produced. It was a personal computer with a MOS 6502, CPU clocked at 1MHz and 4Kb memory. In 1977, Apple introduced Apple II, which became a very successful device. After that the company began to produce Apple II series. Fast forward to 2012. When referring to the marketing successes of Apple, people tend to point to the company’s creative advertising campaigns, the fact that Steve Jobs was a charismatic CEO, or the diverse array of industry-changing products that have been conceptualized beginning with the iMac in 1998, followed by the iPod in 2001, the unveiling of iTunes in 2003, the iPhone in 2007, the launch of the App store in 2008, and the iPad in 2010. But none of these observations consider the whole picture or driving force behind Apple’s strategic vision. The popularity of Apple’s products is largely due to their simplicity and intuitiveness, making them accessible not only to tech-savvy consumers, but also to kids and seniors. Steve was highly involved with the advertising and every detail of Apple’s business. But he was far from the mastermind behind the renowned launch spot. In fact, he was blatantly harsh on the commercial that would eventually play a pivotal role in helping Apple achieve one of the greatest corporate turnarounds in business history. While several people played prominent parts in making it happen, the famous “Think Different” line and the brilliant concept of putting the line together with black and white photographs of time-honored visionaries was invented by an exceptionally creative persons. In terms of developing a strategic vision as it relates to marketing, the key takeaways to consider from Apple when formulating a long-term strategy for success are to identify trends by recognizing such trends as digital consumerism and that the PC industry was becoming highly commoditized, Jobs was able to visualize a strategy for a product that met consumer needs. To uncover such insights, it’s important to look across industries, strategic groups, buyer groups, the scope of a product or service, the functional-emotional orientation of an industry, and time. Analyze competitors when research pointed to the fact that Apple was losing market share and cannibalizing sales due to their strict licensing policy, Jobs ventured out to contract with Microsoft to develop core products, while at the same time making the decision to utilize Intel chips in their computers, enabling Apple to build laptops that were both faster and less power hungry. By thoroughly understanding his competition, he was able to partner with competitors in ways that were not only mutually beneficial, but downright advantageous. Innovate by following a Schumpeterian model of creative destruction and focusing on the needs and wants of the consumers rather than how to just improve upon an existing product, Apple was able to continuously re-think its product line and invent new products that re-defined the traditional boundaries of the market. Innovation allows for companies to capitalize on the...
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