Mark Cuban

Topics: Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs, Dirk Nowitzki Pages: 3 (1222 words) Published: September 4, 2012
Mark Cuban and his unrelenting drive for success has always made him a pillar in the business world. Mark Cuban takes on the titles as one of the most influential people in sports business (Carlisle 2011) When it comes to business, Cuban is a walking brainstorming machine (kirsner 2005). His success just doesn’t come from just being the owner of the reigning NBA champs The Dallas Mavericks, it comes from other business ventures too. Mark Cuban is the owner of landmark Theatres, and magnolia pictures, and chairman of HDTV. That’s not all he also has a part time gig too, he is a “shark” investor and just recently a shoes sales man. Shares of Sketcher USA Inc. rose 8 percent on Tuesday after the maker of the shoes announced that the billionaire and Dallas Maverick owner mark Cuban would be featured in the company’s super Bowl commercial promoting their shoes. Just his name alone is capable of predicting a huge amount of sales. This would be good for the company because of the fact that sketchers would get some of Cubans die hard followers. (Crowe 2012)

Mark Cuban was born in Pittsburg Pennsylvania as a young child he started selling garbage bags and powdered milk door to door make money and to buy some basketball shoes. Cuban enjoyed selling because it gives you the ability to provide service and create value for people. (Salina, 2012) Even from the start he had the entrepreneur drive. He attended Indiana state and received a degree in management. After Graduating his next accomplishment was a roll as a co-finder of Microsolutions. After that he was the cofounder of he helped turn that company around by telling them to go public in the stock market to continue to grow. He took a big risk with this company but the outcome was more income. ( ) mark the later bought the Dallas mavericks. The passion he had for business and being an entrepreneur transferred into the way Mark Cuban changed the whole Maverick organization, Cuban always found ways to...
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