Maritime Agenda 2020 for India

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MARITIME AGENDA : 2010 - 2020

Government of India

Ministry of Shipping
January, 2011

The Logistics Sector in India needs to develop rapidly to synchronize with the dynamic growth of the Indian Economy. The Ports infrastructure and Shipping have vital roles as parts of the logistics chain. The Ministry of Shipping has been continuously engaged in designing and implementing various projects for the development of the sector. Based on inputs received from various sources, it is felt that the pace of growth has to be increased, that the whole efficiency of the delivery system has to be substantially improved and that the concern for the environment has to be stronger. The Maritime Agenda 2010-20 is part of the effort to identify the areas for attention during the 10 year period from 2010-11 to 2019-20. This 10 year period covers the last two years of the Eleventh Five Year Plan, the full five years of the Twelfth Five Year Plan and the first three years of the Thirteenth Five Year Plan. Obviously, 10 years is too long a period for identification of specific areas of action in a fast changing world. It is, therefore, imperative that the Maritime Agenda is not seen as a static document; it does need to be reviewed periodically. I must make it clear that the various observations and statements in the document do not always reflect the accepted official position of the Government. Many of the policies, programmes and projects listed have not been formally approved, nor have they gone through the normal process of decision - making in the Government. This document basically presents an agenda for consideration. On each of the Agenda items, there has to be a separate scrutiny and decision making. In other words, this is more an Agenda for consideration and decision rather than an Agenda for action. At the same time, many of the listed activities are statements of obvious intentions and all concerned have to be working towards achieving these goals. Many of the agenda items fall in the domain of other Ministries of the Central Government, or in the domain of the State Governments; several items are for the Industry to act. Some of the identified activities may be taken up only during the later years of the decade, although the time frame has not been specified for some of the activities. This will be refined further. As part of the monitoring process, it would be useful to have an annual assessment of the action taken on the recommendations contained in Part IV and come out with a report card. It would be possible to decide on deletions, additions and modifications depending on the circumstances then prevailing. This exercise has had the full involvement of several officers at various levels from the Ministry of Shipping as well as from the field organizations. It would not have been possible to develop such a document without the dynamic leadership of the Hon’ble Minister of Shipping, Shri G.K. Vasan. I believe this Maritime Agenda 2010-20 would serve as a key support document in our efforts to develop the Indian Maritime Sector. K. Mohandas Secretary to the Government of India

Chapter-1 Introduction 1-3

Chapter-2 Chapter-3 Chapter-4 Chapter-5 Chapter-6 Chapter-7 Chapter-8 Chapter-9 Chapter-10 Chapter-11 Chapter-12 Global Overview of the Maritime Sector Emerging Scenario Overview of the Port Sector in India Existing Policy Framework Analysis of Traffic Projections made by various Agencies Traffic Projections and Capacity Estimation for Major Ports and maritime States upto 2020 Hinterland Connectivity Ports’ Efficiency – Quest to achieve International Standards Category-wise Projects and funding pattern for Major Ports and Maritime States upto 2020 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Perspective in Indian Ports Future Policy Milestones and Way Forward 4-11 12-18 19-32 33-36 37-46 47-82 83-95 96-104 105-126 127-133 134-148

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