Manufacturing and Volta

Topics: Manufacturing, Industry, Strategic management Pages: 3 (475 words) Published: July 15, 2013
* Volta is founded in 1985. Partnership owned by 5 college friends, namely, Eric, Eric’s brother Peter, Eugene, Kirby and Glenn. They are only few in the company which gives them heavy loads of work. Volta designed electrical system and sold equipment, components and parts for the system * In the industry they are into, they have many competitors and most of them are giant companies. Though in 1991, industry sales were estimated P700million, P400million from Volta line. Volta has received the electric equipment giant’s Top Quality Award * At first they didn’t have the capability for manufacturing, installation, and commissioning. But they have wide access because of their wide connections. * Eric has thought about expanding since for him, it’s for them to expand and make Volta a bigger company. They don’t have the enough money to expand but they are financially capable which is a good thing because it’s easy for them to look for finances, like banks, so they can borrow for their planned expansion. PROBLEM

TO PURSUE’S ERIC SUGGESTION ABOUT EXPANDING THE COMPANY OR NOT TO EXPAND? Pros and cons to be considered in Eric’s suggestion of expansion for Volta despite the risks that is possible to be faced in pursuing the suggested expansion. CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS

* High Voltage Systems for Volta
* More sophisticated and testing equipment
* New market
* Lighter work load
* Ensured greater control over costs, quality and delivery * Larger profit and revenue
* Persuade more potential customers
* Maintain customers
STRENGTH * They have easy access to products * Established reputation and already known to the public * Wide connections * Good engineering practice| WEAKNESS * Capability for manufacturing, installation, and commissioning * Lack of skilled workers| OPPORTUNITY * Innovations * advertisements * Investing on new equipment * Stability/Growth of manufacturing...
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